Mary Magdalene Intention Jar

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The intention jar for Mary Magdalene contains rose, sage, bergamot, and chamomile to provide love, wisdom, peace, clear negativity, bring focus and clarity, promote positive self-talk and communication, and provide growth and peace. The gemstones included are Kyanite, aventurine, and rose quartz to help build inner bridges and empathy, spiritual focus, positivity, and promote love, harmony, calmness, and compassion.

Throughout history, intention jars—also referred to as spell jars—have been used as potent spiritual tools. Using our Goddess Model Program, you can now learn how to utilize the magical properties of specific herbs, gemstones, crystals, and salts to bring about positive change in your life via daily practice. Each jar contains herbal infusions, gemstones, and salts that reflect both the Goddesses and the "principles" of The Goddess Model. They can be used as a bath tea, on an altar, or in mojo bags.

Mary Magdalene represents the divine feminine. She was the thirteenth and closest apostle of Jesus. She is credited with having the clearest understanding of Jesus' teachings. Mary Magdalene is revered as a strong, intelligent, holy teacher. Mary is a goddess in the truest sense, a divine being who walked among us that possessed earthly and ethereal wisdom and a friend to Jesus Christ. 

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