Oshun Vulva Soap

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Like Oshun, we can metamorphose even when it feels like life is overwhelming us. Oshun's Goddess Vulva soap reminds us that we are the architects of our own reality and that we can bring out love in all forms, especially self-love, and radiate loving energy into our world and everyone we encounter.

A sacred Goddess bath/shower is one that is infused with your intention. You may want to attract more loving connections, heal your heart, or purify your aura. Our Goddess Vulva Soaps were inspired by the notion that a sacred, goddess bath may help you in achieving all these things and more. Our vulva soaps are created from donkey's milk, high-quality oils, and skin-safe colors. Donkey’s milk nourishing and rejuvenating properties extend back generations even Cleopatra took donkey-milk baths.

Oshun is an African Orisha, like Yemeja she is worshipped in many pantheons. She is said to be Yemeja's daughter in traditions & her sister in others. She is Goddess of Love in all aspects and that loving energy is said to fill rivers, lakes, and oceans with fertility, sensuality, and compassion. She is a creator and magician, and she radiates life. Her energy brings forth love in all kinds, especially self-love. 

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